Dancer Site 5: Point Douglas Park

On the west side of the St. Croix River, just before the mouth opens into the Mississippi River,  Point Douglas Park has magnificent views of the St. Croix. This Washington County park stretches along the wide basin adjacent to the bridge that crosses between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and lies just north of the Burlington northern tracks.

Point Douglas Park
44°44'56.26"N · 92°48'26.84"W

Whitney McClusky

Whitney McClusky began her study of African dance at The Djoniba Dance and Drum Center New York where she studied with Master dancers from West Africa including members of “Les Mervielles de Guinea” and “Les Ballets Africains”. Since then she has had the opportunity to travel to Senegal and Guinea to deepen her knowledge of West African Dance. In 2009 she established “Duniya Drum & Dance” a local performance group and organization in support of African drum and dance in the Twin Cities.  Currently she serves as Director of Duniya and teaches at SPCPA High School, Carleton College and FAIR Middle School.