This aerial view of the Mississippi River shows the spots where the six dancers performed: three across the water from each other at the Minnesota-Mississippi River confluence, and three at separated sites near the St. Croix-Mississippi confluence. 

At one point on the afternoon of September 5, 2015, all six performers danced in unison at precisely the same moment, using dance to connect with each other over distance.

1. Mendota Heights, MN



This site is the furthest upriver. The beach is on the Minnesota River, immediately before it forms the tip of Pike Island and joins the Mississippi River. Here, the Minnesota twists so much that it is running northeast! The railroad lines runs along the river bank. Note the colors of the two rivers flowing from left to right in the photo: the “coffee” colored Mississippi on the top meets the “chocolate milk” colored Minnesota River coming in from the bottom.


2. Pike Island



At the very tip of Pike Island there is a beautiful sandy point formed by the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River. This is where the six dancers performed together before heading out to their own separate spots. 


3. Crosby Farm Park



On the east side of the Mississippi River, just downriver of the where the Minnesota River comes in from parts west, sandy beaches afford wide river vistas.


4. Hastings Marina



On the west side of the Mississippi River, just shy of the St. Croix confluence, is a beautiful tip of land at the site of the Hastings Marina.


5. Point Douglas Park



On the west side of the St. Croix River, just before the mouth opens into the Mississippi River,  Point Douglas Park has magnificent views of the St. Croix. This Washington County park stretches along the wide basin adjacent to the bridge that crosses between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and lies just north of the Burlington northern tracks.


6. Miss-Croix Yacht Harbor



On the east side of the Mississippi River, just downriver from the confluence of the St. Croix River, is a beautiful peninsula where our southernmost, down-riverest dancer performed.