Dancer Site 4: Hastings Marina

On the west side of the Mississippi River, just shy of the St. Croix confluence, is a beautiful tip of land at the site of the Hastings Marina.

Hastings Marina
44°44'46.30"N · 92°50'15.75"W

Alys Ayumi Ogura

Alys Ayumi Ogura started modern-ballet lessons as a child under the guidance of Mika Kurosawa, who later became to known as the “godmother” of Japanese contemporary dance. While in college, Ayumi was chosen to perform a duet with John Beasant III for the American College Dance Festival Association’s central-district gala concert. She was also recognized for being the most outstanding student of the Theater and Dance Department in her graduating year. Ayumi has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2010, and has worked with the BodyCartography Project, Company Blu (Italy) and Sandrine Harris (CT) through Link Vostok. She also has worked with Emily Johnson & Catalyst Dance, Hauser Dance, Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company, MotionArt, Emily Gastineau, Marylee Hardenbergh, Lori Mercil, Una Setia, and Vanessa Voskuil, among others.  Over the past two years, her dancing highlights include performing with the AXIS Dance Company (CA) at the Ordway Center, and with Josie Winship in “True Confession of The Queen” at Patrick’s Cabaret. Her own choreographies have been performed as a part of Anything But English: A Multilingual Cabaret at Patrick’s Cabaret, and at the Ragamala Dance Company's Ode to Navarathri Kolu Festival at Landmark Center.  Her upcoming projects include Elsie Myers Martin’s new work, “Heart, Not So Heavy As Mine,” based on Emily Dickinson’s poem, which will premier with music composed by Janika Vanervelde for the full choir and organ at the Plymouth Congressional Church in February 2016, and the Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company’s 10th Anniversary show at The Tek Box in June 2016.  Ayumi would like to extend her sincere thanks to these special mentors: Mika Kurosawa, Rob Scoggins, Heidi Jasmin, and Sarah LaRose-Holland.