Dancer Site 6: Miss-Croix Yacht Harbor

On the east side of the Mississippi River, just downriver from the confluence of the St. Croix River, is a beautiful peninsula where our southernmost, down-riverest dancer performed.

Miss-Croix Yacht Harbor
44°44'32.16"N · 92°47'42.94"W

Lindalee Soderstrom

After majoring in Modern Dance and Voice at Carleton, Lindalee joined Dance Studio Margret Dietz and Choreogram Dance Company in the early 1970s. From there she formed Syntaxis of the Dance and MDSN, MN Dance Support Network. Having studied with Cathy Ward, Erik Hawkins, Bill T Jones, Helmut Gottschild, and taught in Washington DC, Chicago and the Twin Cities, she has crafted a practice in dance/movement as a human service, working in churches, prisons, womens' shelters, mens' treatment centers and with absolute beginners from 2 to 82. Besides being a licensed Hennepin County therapeutic daycare, foster care and adoption professional, she is also a Master of Human Development (St. Mary's) and a MN licensed practical nurse with health unit coordinator's certificate (SE Technical). In 2010 she coauthored the memoir "Margret Dietz - A Dancer's Legacy" and in 2013 helped organize the Margret Dietz Centenary at The Benedicta Arts Center. She has appeared in a solo as the Webweaver in 'Dark Dances' by Marie Winckler, in the hive of 'Now Machine' by Emily Gastineau, and with Marylee Hardenbergh dedicating the Weisman Museum, at a Bastille Day parade and in a dance therapy course film at Metro State. Linda is currently an itinerant nanny, enjoys being in the MN dance posse, (i.e. audience), and devotes her research to Dance History in the German Expressionist schools. Two of her most recent hobbies are singing with the Bethlehem Lutheran Choir and volunteering with both Tapestry and Home Line who advocate for the poor in MN's Affordable Housing Movement.