Dancer Site 2: Pike Island

At the very tip of Pike Island there is a beautiful sandy point formed by the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River. This is where the six dancers performed together before heading out to their own separate spots. The solo dancer in this location is Kaori Kenmotsu.

Pike Island
44°53'48.85"N · 93°08'59.57"W

Kaori Kenmotsu

Kaori Kenmotsu is a Senior Lecturer at Hamline University and the Artistic Director for the Hamline Dance Ensemble. From 2007 – 2013 she was a company member of Carl Flink’s Black Label Movement and is currently a member of TimeTrack Productions. She received her MFA in dance at the University of Wisconsin. Her choreography has been seen on stage at the Anne Simley Theater, E.M. Pearson Theater, Barbara Barker Center for Dance, Red Eye Collaborative, Patrick’s Cabaret, Intermedia Arts and at various universities through the American College Dance Association. She has worked with Mu Performing Arts, 10,000 Dances Dance Company, Pangea World Theater and Gomez Dance as well as with several local and national choreographers. She would like to thank Marylee for a wonderful experience working on this film project!